Being a web developer is not a just a paycheck or a day job to pass the time but rather a calling. It is something I was made for. Coding makes sense to me. It is what I was born to do. I place every ounce of that passion into my work. I love to code.

About Me

My name is Wade Stewart and I am a Senior Drupal Developer with almost 10 years of experience. I have Acquia Front End Specialist certifications in both D7 and D8. While most of my career has been spent focusing on the Front End and Theming, over the past few years, I have moved into a full stack role. . While my primary focus is with development, I have an eye for design and a good understanding of information architecture, user experience, and analytics. I am currently working for Bounteous as a Senior Drupal Developer.


With a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts and a Masters in Library and Information Science, I haven't exactly taken the traditional path to becoming a web developer, but all my experiences up to this point have made me well-rounded. I am very detailed-oriented in my work. I communicate well with others, with both colleagues and clients. I prefer to work in open and collaborative environments. I am always hungry to learn more and further my skills as a web developer.

Work Experiences

Through my various freelance and professional experiences, in addition to my education background, I have become well versed in all stages of building websites: from strategy and planning to wireframing, design, development, testing, and launching. I have experience working with several content management systems but I primarily focus on Drupal. I have a Front End Specialist Acquia certification for both Drupal 7 and 8. I understand how to make sites cross-browser and cross-platform compatible and the challenges that accompany it.

About This Site

This site was built with glorious Drupal 7 using panels / panelizer for layout and leveraging view modes for more performant content rendering.  I also utilize various contrib modules such as views, and a few of my own basic custom modules.  I keep all as much of my site in code and out of the database using the features module.  All of my code is managed in a Git repository.

On the Front-End, I have built my own custom base theme which relies on compass, singularity grids, and Sass CSS pre-processor. This site is fully responsive with three breakpoints for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet, as well as offering a consistent viewing experience cross-browser and cross-platform.  This site supports the latest PC/Mac versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer version 10 and up.

Until recently, I had relied on shared hosting services to host this site and others, but after running into major performance issues with Drupal (low PHP memory, etc) I felt it was time to move on; time to graduate from shared hosting.  While my particular choice of shared hosting was a poor one, I felt that I had outgrown shared environments so I moved on to a cloud-based SSD Linux server.  This put the onus on me to set up and configure a LAMP stack, email server and so on.  It was a scary prospect but I came out the other end successful.

The photography featured on this site are vacation photos I took on various excursions to Helsinki (Finland), Oslo (Norway), and Århus & Copenhagen (Denmark).

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Wade Stewart

Senior Drupal Developer

@ Bounteous

Denver, CO

About the Modular Lab

The Modular Lab / Modlab Designs was established in 2010. I do all of my own personal, creative, and freelance work under this name.

More About Me

I currently live in Denver. I used to live in Chicago but I am originally from New Orleans.  Believe it or not, I actually prefer the cold weather and the snow over the brutal humidity of the sub-tropic swampland of Louisiana.  I have a pretty amazing family, as you can see below.  And yes, I am a cat guy.

As you may have gathered from my picture above, I'm kind of really into hockey.  I used to play on two beer league teams in the Chicago-area, one of which I am an alternate captain.  I also have season tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks (since 2007 actually).  I watch a lot of movies, particularly those made by Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan to name a few.  I am a huge Walking Dead fan (both of the show and the comic).  I also collect (mostly) indie comics and prefer music such as Sonic Youth, Stereolab or Arcade Fire on the warm, analog tones of vinyl records. 

I love to travel and so far I am been to some pretty incredible places in Europe such as Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway.  I have also spent time in the Canadian Rockies by the way of Banff, Alberta and recently visited the ultra-cool, Montréal, Quebec.

My Family

Teemu Cat


Panther Cat

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Sun Dog

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