March 7, 2016

A Preview of 2016 MidCamp Chicago

I went to MidCamp in 2015 and felt it was a complete suck fest.  Sorry but it's true.  In full disclosure though, I arrived at MidCamp on Friday morning after having dealt with the loss of my best friend and family panther-cat, Prince Tuesday Stewart.  So I suppose it's unfair to blame MidCamp as I would have been much better off skipping it entirely.  But the true is, all the TMI personal issues aside, the sessions just were not good; not at all.  That's not to insinuate that I could have done better.  And there was nothing really wrong with the presenters.  The content of those sessions left a lot to be desired.

So, it's safe to assume I had very, very low expectations of MidCamp 2016.  Luckily I was presently surprised.  Hopefully 2015 was just an off year, or that my own emotional mess made it bad for me. Below is a list of the sessions I attended on Friday.

Sizing up responsive images: Make a plan before you Drupal

This was definitely a good session but I think at the moment, the amount of time one would need to spend in order to provide the perfect image sizes for all occasions outweighs the benefits.  This is certainly something to be mindful of.

Chasing The Dream of Style Guide Driven Development in Drupal 8

This is something that I'm not sure gets utilized very often but absolutely should be apart of any FED's toolbox.  If you have a designer who's not afraid of a little code / command line, this they should be using this too.

We Redesigned Our Design Process, And You Can, Too

This was just a really solid talk on trying to change your organization and the processes that you follow from within.  I'm sure, at one time or another, most of us have dealt with something that needed to change and just didn't have the energy needed to push change.  I think most of us probably just find new jobs.

Drupal 8 Theming: A Crash Course

And last but not least, a solid refresher on some Drupal 8 theming.  This is not all that unlike some of the sessions I went to at Drupal Con 2015 on D8 theming, but until you just into the Drupal 8 deep end, it's always good to get some refreshers.

DrupalCon New Orleans is coming up shortly!