About The Project

As a developer for marketing interactive at Chicago Booth, part of my responsibilities include a lot of minor, day-to-day projects, such as: adding additional features and functions to existing sites, building various forms and the landing pages to house them, refreshed micro-sites, as well as conducted internal code maintenance and clean-up projects for sites and emails. Below you will find an examples of one of these projects.

My Contribution

The Alumni Connections Page at Chicago Booth is a companion piece to a monthly Alumni enewsletter communication. It features C-Suite Appointments and Board appointments, newsmakers, and young alumni. The purpose of these pages, as well as the monthly newsletter, is a source of pride of Chicago Booth Alumni with the goals of showcasing success while enticing the community to engage with the school.

This project was a minor refresh of the look and feel for the monthly Alumni Connections page. And although the goal of the page remains unchanged, new categories were added; originally, they were: Alumni on the Move, Alumni to Know, CEO Watch: Taking the Lead, and CEO Watch: Making Headlines. The goal was to make this page more attractive and less boring. This page takes advantage of jquery tabs plugin to organize the four categories, but our partner also wanted the category description blocks to open the tabs in addition to click on the tabs themselves. I added the click function script below to accommodate that request:

jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
  $('.anchor_buckets a').click(function() {
  var eqName = $(this).data('name');
  $('.tabs li:eq('+eqName+') a').click();
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