About The Project

As a developer for marketing interactive at Chicago Booth, part of my responsibilities include a lot of minor, day-to-day projects, such as: adding additional features and functions to existing sites, building various forms and the landing pages to house them, refreshed micro-sites, as well as conducted internal code maintenance and clean-up projects for sites and emails. Below you will find an examples of one of these projects.

My Contribution

Career Advisors (CAs) are second-year students who were selected and trained to provide one-on-one career assistance. CAs were successful during internship recruiting and are available for function-specific and industry-specific career advice. As a group, they represent 13 functional areas and numerous industries.

For this project, I was tasked to help improve the user experience for Students looking for Career Advisor services. The original page, was just a table containing advisors data. I rewrote table and implemented the DataTables.js plugin in order to add search and filter features. Users can filter the table via the Career Functions and Industries dropdown menus and can also control the number of results that are displayed. The table is fully searchable with an auto-update as you type feature. The plugin also provides pagination and sortable columns.

Unfortunately, this site is password protected due to containing information, which is only available to current Booth students. See the screenshot below to get a visual of the project.

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Front-End Developement

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