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The Chicago Booth Summit is an exclusive conference that brings a select group of alumni together alongside President Robert Zimmer, Dean Sunil Kumar, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Andy Alper, AB ’80, MBA ’81, distinguished university trustees, and Booth faculty. The Summit provides integral members of the Booth community with the opportunity to connect with fellow leaders and reengage with the school over the course of an immersive two days. Alumni are invited to join the school for a behind-the-scenes look at Booth’s current achievements and strategic vision, today and into the future.

This is by far my project, that I worked on at Chicago Booth. It's not even necessarily a particularly great looking design. When I started working on this project, as a part of the Alumni Audience team, I had a great deal of input on what the site would be. After hearing what the partner wanted and expected from the site, I was able to suggest that the site should be based on responsive design. This is an event site, and our partners had the expectation that the two biggest drivers of users to the site would be upon announcement to determine if these Alumni want to attend the event and as a resource during the event, at the event. This was Booth's first fully responsive event microsite and one that I'm extremely proud of.

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This site is a fully responsive using CSS3-based responsive grid with two breakpoints: desktop and mobile phones. It does scale down for tablets, but only minor CSS tweaks were added rather than a full tablet breakpoint. The site uses css3-mediaqueries script in order for IE8 to recognize CSS Media Queries, otherwise, all responsive features are purely CSS based. The site also uses HTML5 semantics and some minor front-end ASP.Net. The site also uses some minor JQuery for the Tabs, collapsible menu (mobile version only), as well as modal windows and a print function (desktop only).

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