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As a developer for marketing interactive at Chicago Booth, part of my responsibilities include a lot of minor, day-to-day projects, such as: adding additional features and functions to existing sites, building various forms and the landing pages to house them, refreshed micro-sites, as well as conducted internal code maintenance and clean-up projects for sites and emails. Below you will find an examples of one of these projects.

My Contribution

The DAA Awards are annual alumni nominated awards, which represent and celebrate exceptionally successful Booth alumni. The awards date back to 1972 awarded in four categories: Corporate Alumni Award, Entrepreneurial Alumni Award, Public Service/Public Sector Award, and Young Alumni Award. Each winner is celebrated for his/her achievements and how Booth helped create the foundation, learning, and community that gave them the skills they needed to be successful in their respective positions now and in the future.

For this project, I coded a completely new landing page, while the rest of the site was basically just updating the existing content and adding the new 2012 winners. This site is not with in a CMS but rather just static code.

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