About The Project

During my tenure at Chicago Booth, I have worked on what seems like hundreds of email campaigns. I was involved in these campaigns pretty much every step of the way from strategy and planning to developing the emails or templates for clients to use to assisting in sending these emails via various systems such as Convio and Slate.

My Contribution

At Booth I was involved in several high profile email campaigns including prospective student messages, events for Alumni, and multiple fund raising campaigns. A majority of the emails I development were custom email templates, which I built in our OmniUpdate CMS in order for our Booth partners to write their own email messages.

Below you will find a few examples of some of the many email campaigns I developed:

Chicago Booth

Booth Marketing, Chicago Booth Career Services, Chicago Booth Alumni Relations, Chicago Booth Full Time Program, Chicago Booth Executive Education, Chicago Booth Human Resources, Chicago Booth Polsky Center

Chicago Booth


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