About The Project

Reconnect is a full weekend event in the spring that combines Booth Reunion celebrations, for years 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25, Management Conference, and Alumni Celebration into one large “Super event.” The reasoning for the combination is to provide a one-time event annually that is compelling enough for both local and remote alumni to return to Chicago Booth. The idea is to show the strength of Chicago Booth in grand style and offer a variety of activities for different segments to connect with Booth. The class-year specific Reunions offer bonding experiences by class; the intellectual learning and growth segment, Management Conference, brings alumni top management issues and topics and back-to-the-classroom sessions; and finally, there is Alumni Celebration, which highlights Booth's distinguished alumni and Booth pride. Previously, all these events have been planned and marketed separately.

This is possibly the highest profile website I built at Chicago Booth. This was the first time, that Booth had decided to merge their three major alumni events into one weekend. This event, especially from an analytics and attendance standpoint had direction coming from as high up as the Dead of the school. Suffice to say, this was a very big deal and a lot of pressure involved.

Additionally this was my first project since being added to the Alumni audience teams. Previously, at Booth, the team leads would just assign a series of projects to developers, content writers, designers etc. And just because I worked on a Alumni project previous wouldn't necessarily mean my next project would be the same. But the department want to move more towards have dedicated team members from each section of marketing. I was placed on the Alumni team, which is the second most important audience group behind Full Time prospects. I was apart of the internal review process for this site and had development input into it from the very beginning. Prior to these audience teams, I would be assigned a development task and would not enter the picture so to speak until it was time to begin development.

My Contribution

Building this site occurred during the holidays of 2012 and was launched early January 2013. At the time, Chicago Booth was transitioning a lot of our sites over to SiteCore, however, this transition was being handled by an outsourced firm. So despite the fact that Reconnect would not be built in the SiteCore environment, it was designed to have a similar look and feel. This site is built off of HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery with some minor front-end based ASP.Net code. We did use a content management system, OmniUpdate, for parts of the site. There is a mobile version of the site, but it is not responsive.

At the moment, Reconnect is beginning it's transition to the 2014 event. As that occurs, some parts of the site will be unavailable. To get a better scope of some of the work I did, see the screenshots below. However, you can still access the event website.

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