About The Project

As an associate front-end developer at FCB, part of my job was to occasionally assist other developers, particularly back-end developers on projects. Sometimes, I was paired with a back-end developer in order to execute the front-end of a complex javascript app or a PHP driven page. Other times, I was brought in later on to assist a developer in misc tasks, cleanup, etc towards the end of the project.

My Contribution

For this PHP app, I was brought in towards the end of the development phase in order to complete the "responsive" portion of the site. My contribution was primarily to add the necessary CSS and expand the grid, already in place to be flexible across all devices. Additionally, I added functionality to view the various sub-pages (terms, about, policy, contact, etc.) in either a modal window or in a separate page (when viewing on a mobile device).

Below you will see screenshots for both the desktop and mobile breakpoints of the site as well as modal window styles versus separate pages.



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Project Screenshots