About The Project

My work for Discover has been interesting. They have been my primary client focus and certainly where a bulk of my bigger FCB work as been devoted to. Unfortunately, due to company policies between FCB and Discover, I am prohibited from showing some samples of the work I have done for this client, particularly related to the Discover private development (as opposed to public pages development). In that same vein, I also cannot really discuss, in any specific detail, the work that I have done for them on the private side.

My Contribution

In most cases, when I have worked on a Discover project, I was paired with either a Javascript Developer and/or a back-end developer. This is quite common in regards to FCB projects. I would generally build the front-end of a site, working very closely with the other developer to ensure that the direct of the front-end code does not interfere with anything on the back in or integrates nicely with the heavy duty javascript. For my first big project, was a cardmember services app, built on javascript as a single page; and to imagine the scope and multitude of possible conditions and error-states, I was working off of a 50 plus page creative comp. It was intense to say the least, and quite a challenge, particularly at integration.

Some other projects I worked on included some public Banking marketing landing pages as well as some customer help pages related to account security and protection.

One thing that has been great about working on Discover, is that I would say this client has beefed up my jQuery skills quite a bit. I also got to work with NODE.JS for the first time, although it was a way to sort of "fake" a server environment similar to Discover in order to test javascript apps we were building. We do not have any access, for security reasons, to Discover's servers or staging environments. So NODE.JS was very helpful in for that project.



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