About The Project

Working at FCB has not been without it's email work. While emails campaigns were a minor, yet important part of my responsibilities at Chicago Booth, at FCB, they have been a means for billable hours. Suffice to say that my email work here has been random and sporadic. I have not been assigned any particular campaign or company, but rather would complete items as they became available, depending on my workload at the time.

My Contribution

Below you will find some of the many email campaigns I worked on at FCB. Most of these emails are fairly simple campaigns, although I helped expand a few (where noted) into responsive versions. Unlike at Chicago Booth, where a majority of the emails I built were created as templates for our partners to use, these are static emails to get delivered to our clients, or, in some cases sent by our account team via systems like MailChimp.

Below you will find a few examples of some of the many email campaigns I developed:

FCB Chicago

K-Mart, Stelera, Peterbilt, Cox Communications, Kenworth, RPM

FCB Chicago


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