About The Project

FCB Chicago, formerly DraftFCB, has been undergoing a name change and thus a rebrand over the last few months. The purpose of this particular project was a simple landing page to get the word out to FCB clients about the rebrand and their mission going forward.

My Contribution

This is a very simple, responsive landing page. The challenge with this project is it came about as a last minute project with nothing more than a quickly thrown together creative PSD. It was delivered at 4pm on a Friday and needed to be completed ASAP. When you look at the design below, it seems simple enough and shouldn't pose any issues. The issue is that we could not get the font files in time for this project as it was hastily put together.

Basically the site needed be images and had to be responsive. This couldn't be a single image, it had to be spliced into pieces which presented a lot of challenges in terms of how it should scale down, but still be legible. There was also no direction on how they wanted the page to scale down, so as a developer, I had to wing it. Unfortunately there was not much to work with here, so I did the best I could with what I had to work with.

Even worse, Sunday comes with a brand new design, which is why you see two sites below. In many ways the new design, with responsive direction this time around, was even simpler, except that we still did not have the font files, and the account managers and creative teams refused to use web-safe fonts. Now the text has to break to new lines after certain breakpoints. Not so much challenging as it was down right annoying.

I think the reason I have this in my portfolio is more out of surviving a difficult and poorly management project than for any actual coding work done. I personally think even the design concepts show it was last minute work, but it is what it is. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have it here due to it's high profile nature. That is very much true. This was a rebrand announcement sent out to all FCB Chicago Clients and I was the developer, losing most of my weekend to the project. Suffice to say it was a pretty big deal, and at least from a professional standpoint, I'm glad they picked me to deal with it.

FCB Chicago


FCB Chicago


Front-End Developement

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