About The Project

Functional Hockey, run by Bruce Turpin, is a Chicago-area Hockey instructor who works with multiple groups ranging from young kids to high school players to adults providing a wide range of skills clinics and coaching services. the purpose of Functional Hockey's web presence is for providing a method to sign up for camps, clinics, etc while also advertising his services.

My Contribution

At the moment, this iteration of FunctionalHockey.com is a sort of stop gap. I will be the first to admit that it looks more like a wireframe with full content, but it is a vast improvement over the site that Bruce was maintaining on his own via Yahoo's Sitebuilder. The site is a little cleaner now and better organized. Another purpose of getting a sort of temp site up ASAP is that he has a couple of summer camps coming up, and he desperately needed a better look and feel in order to not scare off potential registrants.

We have been on and off planning to build a fairly expansive Drupal website as well as providing some minor e-commerce features. I am currently working on designs for a Drupal site.


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