About The Project

LIBRAS is a consortium of 17 private college and university libraries located in the Chicago metropolitan area. They focus on promoting library cooperation, continuing education, networking and the sharing of knowledge amongst their membership.

My Contribution

For this project, I designed and developed a new Drupal 7 site with a custom theme. I worked closely with the Libras Communications Director on functionality and usability. I assisted in transitioning all of Libras' old content into the new site. One cool feature of the site is a PHP banner rotation in the header. Every time the site is reloaded, it will use a different banner, representing one of the 17 Libras members.

Once this project was completed, I conducted Drupal CMS training for Libras users. I also participated in several Libras meetings where I presented the new website, which can be found here: 2010 Libras Annual Meeting and Libras SIG Chair Meeting.



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Site Architect
Back-End Development
Custom Themes
Data Migrations
Database Managaement
Drupal 7
Front-End Developement
Server Management

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