About The Project

Mastodons Hockey Club is an amateur recreational hockey team that plays in the Chicago chapter of Hockey North America. The website keeps track of both game and team practice schedules as well as provides player stats and other team statistical / historical data..

My Contribution

I personally designed and developed this site for my recreational hockey team. One of the reasons that I like to display a site like this in my portfolio is because I believe it helps to prove my love of this profession; that even when I'm not being paid to do it, I still enjoy it as a hobby. I have used this site in particular, and a launching pad for new skills, primarily in development, but also regarding design, user experience, etc. All of the designs, photographs, etc are files that I created or manipulated in photoshop.

About Version 3.0:

Details coming soon.

About Version 2.0:

This site is built on PHP with HTML5 semantics. It utilizes a variety of CSS3 and JQuery techniques and relies heavily on MySQL for database storage of stats. There is also a mini team-only portal that contains game video as well as a mobile version. I am currently in the process of a full redesign of this site, one that will be fully responsive with a cleaner, flat design that further takes advantage of PHP / MySQL.

About Version 1.0:

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