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One of the things that occupied my time as a teenager, and even into my very early twenties, was playing in bands as well as writing and recording music. As the years went by, I focused more and more on the later, and thus really enjoyed creating album covers for my little bedroom musical project. If you are familiar with the band, Stereolab, and thus the album art design of Julian House, you'll quickly discover that my work derives a lot of inspiration from that collaboration. As part of my love of web design and development, I finally decided to build a sort of faux-record label to display my musical work as well as my album art. Possibly more of an emphasis on the later than the former.

I think if nothing else, this is one of several personal sites that helps to serve as proof that my desire to build websites goes beyond being a means to an end, or, rather, a way of keeping the bills paid. I do it because it's fun and the more I do it the better I get and both ends of the spectrum (design and development).

My Contribution

In a lot of ways, this is an incredibly simple, PHP-based site, built on a responsive grid. There is nothing special going on here code wise, at least, not at the moment. Pretty much the only jQuery I am using here is I've recycled the div filter function that is in use on this portfolio. Nothing really worth mentioning that hasn't already been mentioned in other places of this site.

The reason why this site is important to me, and thus why it has been included it in my portfolio is: 1) it's responsive, 2) displays a love of the profession, 3) and perhaps most importantly in this case, I'm really proud of the design that I have utilized for this site. On the surface, like the structure, code, etc., there's not much there, but once you start looking at interior pages, you'll notice that the background color, and subsequently font colors, change to match the theme presented with the album art. I absolutely love this. I feel that since this page is not trying to accomplish anything beyond showing off my design abilities and album art, I'm able to try things that perhaps could be considered "daring" if you will; things that just absolutely would not work in the real work. Well other than for a band, perhaps. I will be the first to admit that some of the colors look absolutely ridiculous and can even hurt your eyes. But that's okay - this was only for fun any ways.


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