About The Project

This site contains all of the projects that I was involved with at StraightNorth. Except for the PPC Campaigns, all of the sites I worked on at StraightNorth were built on Drupal 7 for the most part. There were a couple of other sites that I provided minor updates to that were build on Drupal 6. I worked on these projects as a sort of "co-developer" where I assisted the primary developer. And with the PPC landing pages I was either did all of the work, or, I made updates to existing campaign landing pages. Although my job title was Web Coordinator about 75% of my work consisted of development related tasks.

My Contribution

FONA International is a full-service flavor company focused on building partnerships with our customers. Their strength is collaboration throughout the entire product development process from ideas and concepts to manufacture and logistics.

For this project, I assisted the Front-End Developer at Straight North in building this site in Drupal 7 using Panels Everywhere system. On this site, I worked from wireframes and site map. I helped build views, panels, and input content across the site. I also assisted in writing CSS for the theme.


Fona International



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