About The Project

This site contains all of the projects that I was involved with at StraightNorth. Except for the PPC Campaigns, all of the sites I worked on at StraightNorth were built on Drupal 7 for the most part. There were a couple of other sites that I provided minor updates to that were build on Drupal 6. I worked on these projects as a sort of "co-developer" where I assisted the primary developer. And with the PPC landing pages I was either did all of the work, or, I made updates to existing campaign landing pages. Although my job title was Web Coordinator about 75% of my work consisted of development related tasks.

My Contribution

Additional PPC Campaigns at StraightNorth

While at StraightNorth, I also built a PPC Campaign landing pages for Rieke Office Interiors and Blue Pay.


Track Your Truck, Rieke Office Interiors, Blue Pay



Front-End Developement
Maintenance Project
Data Migrations

Project Screenshots