Certified Professional Developer

This course is designed to help learners master the fundamental concepts and techniques for building effective website solutions with the Sitecore® Experience Platform™. The course covers how to work with the Sitecore API. 
It is a four (4) day course where learners will achieve Sitecore 6.5 Professional Developer Certification. 

This hands-on course features live demonstrations, formal reviews, questions and answers, guided student exercises, and an online certification exam. 

This course is geared toward experienced ASP.NET developers who want to learn how to customize Sitecore® Experience Platform™ solutions. Learners should have a basic understanding of .NET web applications including C# and LINQ.

Course topics:

  • Sitecore overview 
  • Defining data
  • Presentation
  • Sitecore API
  • Advanced presentation concepts
  • Real-world solutions
  • Configuring Experience Editor
  • Dealing with your data
  • Recommended practices
  • Marketing functionality
  • Optional topics

Course objectives:

  • Understand the concepts and terminology surrounding Sitecore’s data infrastructure
  • Understand the concepts relating to how Sitecore builds the presentation layer
  • Understand the relationship between field types, raw values, Content Editor user controls, field classes, and web controls
  • Retrieve, create, and update data in Sitecore according to recommend practices
  • Build presentation components that support both editing and designing in Experience Editor
  • Create conditional renderings rules that afford real-time personalization content
  • Utilize the native search API and configure indexes
Sitecore Certified Developer

Jan 2013

Chicago, IL